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19th December 2020, 7:26 pm

Visit. REvisit. Check the Directory of artists or click around the map.


First to the Festival, then on to the World of TOM!

Miss some of the amazing events during the weekend of the Tom of Finland 25th Art and Culture Festival? Well don’t worry, they’re on The World of TOM! Patreon members at the Hook-Up Date ($10) tier and higher get access to all the recorded talks. Recorded Talks Available on Patreon Include: Coming Out: Leather Fetish… View Article

Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition 2020 Winners

  We are proud to announce the winners of the 10th Tom of Finland Emerging Artist Competition, in celebration of both Tom of Finland’s 100 birth year and his Foundation’s 36th year in operation. Judges have made their decisions based, above all, on erotic content, taking into consideration all artistic criteria by which art is… View Article

The 2020 class of Tom of Finland Foundation recipients

Tom of Finland Foundation has presented awards since 2000 to stellar individuals who have demonstrated their vast commitment to our community. Tom of Finland Foundation is honored to have the opportunity to recognize these influential individuals who have, and continue to, shape the world in which we live. Thank you for your tireless work to make… View Article

Merry #TOMs100

Featuring this stunning 2020 limited edition ornament designed in honor of Tom’s Centennial, books, posters, Tom of Finland goodies and your 2021 Tom of Finland Foundation calendar!

Published: 19th December 2020


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