5th February 2021, 7:41 pm

A new exhibition of pen, ink, and marker drawings will open at the gallery on March 20.

Tom of Finland

LOS ANGELES, at David Kordansky Gallery 17th January – 7th March, 2015 The cover boys on Tom of Finland catalogues solicited visitors from outside the exhibition Early Work 1944-1972, offering something of a false promise. From these catalogues, Tom’s 1980s illustrations cruise in all of their pictorial glory—fully realized fantasy Adonises confronting the viewer with the… View Article

Disseminating fantasies in the fullest possible capacity

Tom made many of the works featured in Tom of Finland: Pen and Ink 1965 – 1989 with pen, ink, and marker for the purpose of reproduction in publications. The printed medium provided a space for Tom to produce and disseminate his fantasies in the fullest possible capacity. An important precursor for many later underground… View Article

Published: 5th February 2021

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