A case for how a unified Federal equity standard can address systemic inequities within institutions

13th November 2023, 11:51 am



The National Coalition for Equity Impact (NCEI) in collaboration with the RAND Corporation’s Center to Advance Racial Equity Policy (CAREP) have released “A Comprehensive Guide to the Introduction and Implementation of Equity Standards and Guidelines Across Diverse Industries”. This initiative is a pivotal response to The Biden-Harris Administration’s Year of Evidence for Action initiative.

“Equity work requires a clear framework and rigorous standards to ensure success across diverse foci, settings, and goals.”

The equity standards and guidelines outlined in the report present a structured and systemic approach to address systemic inequities. They prioritize representation, accountability, and inclusion in decision-making processes to foster positive change and mitigate systemic inequities within organizations and institutions. This collaborative effort marks a significant stride toward creating a more equitable and just society for all.



Published: 13th November 2023

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