All roads lead to TOM

4th June 2023, 6:39 pm



TOM’s Bar is back! The event will be Tom of Finland Foundation’s 30th annual commemoration of the artist, his life and legacy


Tom of Finland Foundation is back with the biggest TOM’s Bar in history! The event will be the Foundation’s 30th annual commemoration of the artist Tom of Finland, his life and legacy.

“Tom asked me not to have a funeral but to have a party—like a scene from his artwork—people coming together and having a hell of a good time. We created a celebration—the first TOM’s Bar in 1992—which has become a Tom of Finland Foundation annual event honoring Tom.” says Durk Dehner, president and cofounder, ToFF.

The festivities for the rousing Daddy’s Day party for Tom return to their partnering venue, The Avalon & Bardot Hollywood. The theme for the year is “All roads lead to TOM”, a celebration of the idea that Tom of Finland is at the nexus of so many different temporalities and communities.

A large component of Tom of Finland Foundation’s mission is to combat censorship in the arts while holding space to foster community for LGBTQ+ folks of all backgrounds and ages; this is essential to protecting, preserving, and promoting the work of Tom of Finland and other Queer, erotic artists we help nurture. TOM’s Bar is one such space where together we commune in solidarity.



Published: 4th June 2023

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