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12th April 2021, 4:16 pm




As part of our commitment to protect, preserve and promote the erotic arts for three and a half decades, Tom of Finland Foundation is now making online galleries of our erotic art collection available to the public. Patrons of The World of TOM Patreon will receive the first look inside the galleries! We are proud to present our first gallery from the erotic artist: TANK.

Paul Tankersley — “TANK”

In the 1970s in the middle of Texas, there was “born” a artist of realism who would bear the name TANK. Paul Tankersley’s one aim, by all apparent presentations of his work, seemed to pay homage to the male form with a focus on the American cowboy. His work always had a sense that each man stood alone. TANK had a direct eye for realism, with fine small pencil strokes not unlike Tom of Finland’s style. He tended to use graphite and color pencil, occasionally dancing with oils. He was very fond of the works he created, so it was rare that he would part with an original. Instead, he produced very high quality photo prints that he offered through the mail and at Gay rodeos.

In 1995, after Paul passed away, his body of work was placed in the hands of Tom of Finland Foundation; an institution that would care, exhibit and keep the public’s awareness of TANK’s legacy alive. The Foundation is the fortunate holder of 24 TANK originals along with a major selection of photo prints that the artist offered to the public. The Foundation is now committed, through the generosity of TANK’s partner, Stephen Worley, to make sure the public doesn’t forget this wonderful artist.



Published: 12th April 2021

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