Behind the Scenes: The Body Is The Instrument

16th October 2020, 4:33 pm

We miss having Friends of TOM to TOM House to create together, share gay history and experiences with one another, as well as find imaginative ways to collaborate. So many connections have come from within these walls (and out in Pleasure Park!)

This talk is one video in a series called “Tail Talks” by Bespoke Surgical.

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“The Body Is The Instrument” | Through 31st May | Online and TOM House

“Coming together with Evan Goldstein, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, was a natural fit as his focus at Bespoke Surgical is not only the intersection of sex and science, but also treating the ass as a work of art.” –Stuart Sandford, Curator The exhibition focuses on the interconnection between art, sex, and science, and presents a… View Article

Published: 16th October 2020

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