Behind the Scenes with Pornstars: Hans Berlin

22nd April 2021, 4:19 pm


Until the gang’s all here again, we have select guests at TOM House – like pornstar Hans Berlin. As part of an ongoing Behind the Scenes series on the lives of gay pornstars, ToFF Creative Director, Richard Villani, sat down with Hans in Pleasure Park to discuss his porn career, his HIV advocacy work, and his porn musical. In Shooting Star – the musical, Hans describes his back-stage experiences in the business.


We are also excited to announce that we are dropping the price of the TOM’s Daddy Tier on Patreon today to make it more accessible. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us through Patreon during this past year, and would like to give back by making this tier more available at an affordable price. So today, the tier drops in price from $30 to $15 per month.

And to make it extra special, we’re sharing bonus content for the TOM’s Daddy Tier: a segment from ToFF Creative Director Richard Villani’s interview with Hans Berlin: German pornstar, HIV advocate and playwright. In this clip, Hans talks about how working in the porn industry made him reflect on how society views sex, TOM’s Men and unhelpful stereotypes about pornstars. 


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Published: 22nd April 2021

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