Celebrating 101 years of Tom of Finland

8th May 2021, 12:34 pm



Tom of Finland taught us that we could be anything we want to be.
He gave us a whole new vocabulary of what we could be.
His life was a lesson in being the consummate Homosexual.


What are YOU doing for Tom’s birthday #TomOfFinland101 this year?

How are you going to celebrate this year? Take in an exhibition – IRL or virtual? Design a new cocktail and try it out on friends? Or a stay at home read-a-book, watch-a-movie kinda celebration?   Do your homework, finish your quizzes, and show us your favorite ToF “text” book! 8th May is fast approaching,… View Article

How Tom of Finland’s ideal world empowered gay men and shaped our culture

  The artwork created by Tom of Finland had a profound effect on gay men all over the world. Some of us can get caught up in the imaginative escape that is our ideal world. An ideal world is one where you are free from whatever circumstances are restricting you. It’s all about freedom. For… View Article

Published: 8th May 2021


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