“Älä saapastele onnesi ohi!”

4th September 2021, 12:00 am

Date(s) - 4th Sep 2021 - 26th Sep 2021
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The title of the exhibition is a Finnish saying, “Don’t walk (in boots) past your good luck.”

MSC Finland – TOM’s Club was founded in 1976 and is a Finnish fetish men’s club that has been bringing together men who are aroused by various fetishes for decades. Älä saapastele onnesi ohi! brings together artwork owned by the club and made by its members from different decades.

Over the years, the visual look of MSC Finland – TOM’s Club has been influenced by many well-known people in the art world, the most famous of whom is Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen), who has had an international career. In addition to Tom of Finland’s works, the exhibition includes works by Leeku, who died of AIDS, as well as material made by photographer Mikko Karekivi for MSC in the 21st century.

The exhibition features MSC’s Prätkäposti magazines from different decades. The magazine has been the MSC’s main communication channel since the club was founded. Prätkäpost was made until the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, when the club’s website replaced the printed magazine as a media outlet. Prätkäpost was made with incredible passion. An important part were the fetish stories and the illustrated stories.

MSC Finland – TOM’s Club’s 45th anniversary exhibition

  The exhibition, Älä saapastele onnesi ohi!, features original works by Tom of Finland and Leekku for Prätkäposti, among others. With Tom of Finland, Finnish fetish culture has become part of the international visual arts world. When talking about Tom of Finland’s production, the own narrative of the minority in the pictures is often forgotten, consciously… View Article

Tuesday, 7th September from 5:00p to 6:30p – Speech on fetish aesthetics. Fetish aesthetics has fascinated representatives of various arts, from photographers to fashion designers and from filmmakers to sculptors. The panelists will be curator Antti Kauppinen, photographer Mikko Karekivi and Mr. Fetish Finland 2016 Holter Finn. Culture House Laikun Music Hall.

Monday, 13th September from 2:30p to 3:30p “I don’t understand anything about this!” The discussion is based on the VTS (Visual Thinking Strategies) method of low-threshold visual arts review, which does not require participants to have prior knowledge of art but examines the image together by interpreting it. The leader is Inka Hannula.

Let’s learn about Tom

    Durk Dehner, founder of Tom of Finland Foundation, a close friend, partner and manager of Tom of Finland, talks about the artist’s work.     Curator Antti Kauppinen talks about the MSC Finland – Tom’s Club 45th anniversary exhibition, Älä saapastele onnesi ohi!  [In Finnish].

Happy 45th to our closest friends!

  “Especially in the first years, [MSC Finland – TOM’s Club] meetings were small. Traditional crayfish parties, evening get-togethers and such formed a base for members to chat and get to know each other. Long-lasting friendships were formed. An important character repeatedly surfaced in memories is Tom (born Touko Laaksonen). While younger members often lost… View Article

Published: 4th September 2021

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