Pleasure Park, Exposed

15th October 2021, 8:00 pm

Date(s) - 15th Oct 2021 - 16th Oct 2021
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

TOM House



Choose Your Feast: Friday or Saturday, 8p
50 diners an evening, $250 a seat



Welcome to Pleasure Park, Exposed, a two-night dinner event that explores Queer history, deviance and rampant *feasting* through the lens of cruising. Pleasure Park, Exposed welcomes hedonists back to TOM House, which has been closed since early 2020.

Come dine within a food and drink spectacle ripped from the pages of Tom of Finland’s iconic drawings, most notably Kake 20: Pleasure Park, published in 1980 in Los Angeles by Tom of Finland Company. Considered a seminal comic by Tom of Finland, Pleasure Park is now a location on site at TOM House, and has served as inspiration for erotic artists including Rinaldo Holf and Matt Lambert.


  • A 5-course meal from Laurent Quenioux @lqfoodings
  • Paired, thematic libations by Sunset Boulevardier @sunsetboulevardier
  • Table wine
  • Musical performances and eccentric theatrics staged within a fully immersive environment
  • Kink-driven moments and tutorials
  • Dance performances, DJ sets, and unexpected moments of awe
  • All set within the iconic gardens of TOM House in Echo Park

A Little About Disco Dining Club

Disco Dining Club is a thematic food and drink event that revels in all the excess, debauchery and hedonism of disco. It is the belief of Disco Dining Club that there were moments of decadence throughout history that led to the ultimate decadence: disco. Whether a historical era, an artistic movement, or an iconic piece of culture, Disco Dining Club recreates these colorful moments through the lens of a theatrical dinner party. At Disco Dining Club, we ask but one thing of our guests: To consume everything.

“Disco Dining Club invites me in with open arms to a familiar kind of weird I’m ready to lose myself in.” – Playboy 

“It has the heart of an after-hours club but revels in the gilded decadence most below-radar nightlife is out to destroy” – LA Times

Dress code of “summer leather and gingham latex” strictly enforced

Until August, please continue to consume. Everything. 

Disco Dining Club brings Pleasure Park, Exposed

  TOM House is reopening, with an event like no other we have done before. In October 2021, we will have two evenings of a food and drink spectacle ripped from the pages of Tom of Finland’s Kake 20: Pleasure Park. It is all about cruising for your most decadent desires. Disco Dining Club and… View Article


Published: 15th October 2021

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