STUART SANDFORD “Polaroid Collages – LA/CDMX”

18th November 2022, 12:00 am

Date(s) - 18th Nov 2022 - 30th Nov 2022
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STUART SANDFORD Polaroid Collage XI, 2022


We are pleased to present Polaroid Collages – LA/CDMX, a collection of new editions by the British artist Stuart Sandford. The imagery for these works are taken from a group of Polaroid collages originally commissioned by the New Collection, and explore the experience of living in both Los Angeles and Cuidad de Mexico as adopted homes.

“Los Angeles and Mexico City are two cities close to my heart as well as my art. Having spent the best part of the last decade living and working between the two of them, they have heavily inspired and informed my practice and my life.” – Stuart Sandford

Polaroid as a medium allows a moment to be captured and stored in unique physical form. This inevitably makes the photographs themselves special: precious, like the memories they hold, something which in turn we look to hold onto. In creating his collages, Stuart cuts across this special character and ruptures that unique object, but as a means to create something new, much like the process of leaving the past behind to find new life in new cities. Through juxtaposing scenes of intimacy with snapshots of the urban environment, Stuart’s works speak of the romance we can feel for places just as much as we do for people.

Published: 18th November 2022

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