From the Archives: Go Mishima in the World of TOM

23rd October 2020, 7:26 pm

Join us in the archives at TOM House this week, as we delve into the works of Go Mishima.

See more works of the Japanese homoerotic fetish artist, who drew inspiration from Tom of Finland, as well as Japanese bondage, bodybuilding, & yakuza (gangmember) inspired irezumi tattoos on our Patreon.


Erotic art in Japan

Japan’s attitude towards homosexuality and artistic depictions of such are a bit complex and culturally layered, but it wasn’t always this way. Unlike the west, which gradually experienced over the last 50 years more and more tolerance towards homosexuality and acceptance of LGBTQ people, Japan seemingly almost had gone in the opposite direction—from a commonplace… View Article

“An Ode to Tom”

21st Sep 2020 – 30th Nov 2020 @ All Day –         Goh Mishima  |  Gengoroh Tagame  |  Jiraiya After many months of correspondence and virtual meetings with Durk Dehner, president of Tom of Finland Foundation, and his team, I was at last headed to meet face-to-face at TOM House—the office of the Foundation, a museum dedicated to Tom, and a residence to […]

Published: 23rd October 2020

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