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6th May 2021, 3:27 pm


On 8th May, we celebrate the 101st birthday of Tom of Finland, as well as the erotic joy and freedom he brought to life through his work. In honor of #TomOfFinland101, the #WorldOfTOM brings you a video club mix from a 1990 Tom of Finland party. The video features vintage porn interwoven  with Tom’s images. It is the kind of mix that would have made Tom proud.

Into his sixties, Tom would go out dancing, frequenting Los Angeles clubs and watering holes. He never needed to be chaperoned and was never uncomfortable being left at the bar. He would always engage in conversations with other guys, many of whom never knowing who he was. Tom had several affairs during the decade that he called Los Angeles his American home.

In 1982, Tom went out with the boys to Probe, a popular all-night dance palace in L.A., where he tripped and went flat down outside on the sidewalk. You can tell he was rather proud of the shiner, like he got it in a fight and it was a bad-ass trophy!

You can read all about the artist’s life in TOM OF FINLAND: The Official Life and Work of a Gay Hero.



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What are YOU doing for Tom’s birthday #TomOfFinland101 this year?

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Published: 6th May 2021


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