Go camping with Tom

13th May 2021, 3:10 pm


Let’s take a trip with Tom to the great outdoors! In the year 1990 Altomar Video Production created a special piece from the artist’s graphic novel Camping.  Featuring actor and model Peter Morrison (aka Joe Falco) we go deep into the woods and explore what it has to offer for many of Tom’s men. Tom began drawing the preparatory sketches for this series in 1976 and some of the original artworks have been on display at David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles.


Peter on couch with Camping



“The Beatitudes of Malibu”

15th May 2021 – 2nd Jul 2021 @ 12:00 am –         Among the highlights in this diverse, multi-generation-spanning exhibition are new and recent paintings by Sayre Gomez, Jennifer Guidi, Angel Otero, Hilary Pecis, Mary Weatherford, and Jonas Wood; historical paintings and drawings by Milton Avery, Charles Burchfield, Jane Freilicher, Miyoko Ito, Helen Lundeberg, Agnes Martin, and Alma Thomas; and works by Huma […]

“Sex on the Train” brought to life

  From the archives, we have a special treat: a 1990 video of actor and model Peter Morrison (aka Joe Falco) taking some solo time at TOM House with a copy of Kake Vol. 16 Sex on the Train. This video features Peter in all his Daddy glory, as well as images from the Kake… View Article

“Let’s Go Camping with Tom of Finland” | 28th September | Kendal UK

Cross Lane Projects is taking part in The Lakes International Comic Art Festival with this exhibition This special show is celebrating the forthcoming 100th anniversary of the birth of Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen), the world’s best loved queer artist, comics creator and gay icon. From the 1940s on, Tom pushed the boundaries of gay… View Article

Published: 13th May 2021

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