Help make “SPOOKABLE” real!

16th April 2021, 3:23 pm

Friend of Tom of Finland Foundation, Marval A Rex, is hard at work on producing a new TV series and needs support to get it going! Contribute to their campaign if you are able. Here’s what Marval has to say about the show:

What do you get when you cross creature-of-the-week with a duo of trans BFFs… who might be falling in love? SPOOKABLE the TV series follows the adventures of Tahmina and Sean, whose woodsy getaway takes a turn for the bizarre when Sean becomes a werewolf and the two become part of a supernatural world.


SPOOKABLE is written by two trans creatives, Marval A Rex and Jonathan Andre Culliton, stars trans lead Alexandra Grey, and will feature queer department heads throughout. As creators of queer media, we feel strongly that in order to walk the walk we need to prioritize loud, diverse queer voices, and that’s exactly what we plan to do. 


RUBÉN ESPARZA “Piss + Blood & Spunk: Seminal Works 1993-2019” | 8th June | TOM House

Rubén Esparza combines the skills of a multi-media artist and the insight of a gifted curator to synergize intensely cross-referential artworks. Queer AIDS tropes, phallocentrism, and bodily fluids become markers of LGBTQ+ culture from the early ’90s to the contemporary Trumpian zeitgeist. GLoves (Blood Drive), a 1995 triptych, epitomizes many themes of Esparza’s oeuvre. The artist,… View Article

Published: 16th April 2021

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