International Women’s Day 2021

8th March 2021, 5:46 pm

In the canons of history, art, and culture, Tom of Finland has defined what it means to be a masculine Gay man. He also defined our collective sense of liberation. With liberation and freedom in mind, we honor the ways in which women have played a defining role in the history of Tom, his native country of Finland, and Tom of Finland Foundation.

In 2019, Finland had a new coalition government headed by five women. Finnish women spearheaded many of the initiatives that brought Tom’s work into the realm of historical importance in the country. Compared to other nation states, women in Finland have enjoyed greater equity with men. In 1906, the women of Finland became the first women in Europe to be granted the right to vote. There are many women in Finland who hold prominent positions in Finnish society, in academics, in the field of business, and in the government of Finland.

For us at the Foundation, we have many women to thank for the protection, preservation and promotion of Tom’s work and erotic art more generally. Though there have been so many over the years, today we highlight Susanna, Marilyn, Sharon, Toni, Marti, Chy, Scarlett, Allison, and Lenora. 

Without these individuals, there could be no Tom’s Foundation:

Cathie Bagwell, Melissa Ward, Sharon Miyamura, Cy Pher, Marti Pike, Toni Rodriguez, Sharon Furman, Solja Järvenpää, Allison Ruth Schulte, Katie Herzog, Kati Mustola, Mary Turner, Martha Cabot, Marilyn Rondon and Susanna Luoto.

Published: 8th March 2021


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