Interview with Tom from 1987

9th January 2021, 5:56 pm

“If I don’t get a hard on while I’m working, then I know the drawing won’t be good.” – Tom of Finland

The impact of Tom of Finland’s work throughout the last century has been worldwide and profound. It is especially illuminating to see documentation of how he formed his beliefs about erotic art and shared them with the world. In this exclusive video, Tom speaks with the Advocate Men Live in 1987 about his motivation to portray Gay men as masculine in his early work, in contrast with the homophobic perception of all Gay men as effeminate that was emblematic of the time. He also discusses his drawings of Black men and White men together, at a time when images of interracial were still highly controversial.

To hear more from Tom and watch this piece of history, go to the World of TOM.


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Published: 9th January 2021

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