KAKE -The Sexual Adventures of the World’s Hottest, Horniest Euro-American Uber Man!

6th July 2009, 10:48 am

Out of all of Tom’s characters, Kake was Tom’s favorite. He used Kake as his alter ego, giving him permission to be totally controlled by his base cravings. . Where ever his cock wanted to go and to stay as long as he was hungry. . What a life this Kake has   26 stories worthy of him, amounting to over 500 drawings.

Kake is (pronounced “khan-key” though Tom grew to accept the Americanized “cake”), manner of pronouncing his heroes name. With Kake’s classic manly good-looks, muscled, easy going nature, His “Anytime! Anywhere!” attitude and the way he looks in those overly tight fitting black leather jeans. And YES of course his unforgettable, huge ever-hard member is his, and all of ours, favorite tool and the recipe for satisfaction. Send Kake even in this world of instant everything.   More than ever; Kake still personifies a badly needed-masculine, homoerotic idea. Let’s just have some down and dirty fun.

Here’s the essence of Kake.  After an incredible full-blown orgy with every type of Tom’s man imaginable, he’s left satisfied and happy.  But watch out, he’ll be ready for more in no time!

Published: 6th July 2009

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