One of Germany's best-selling Gay novels, now in English

29th January 2013, 8:33 pm

Praised for his prose as “the master of emotions”.

Journalist and psychotherapist Stephan Niederwieser became known as an author in Germany, his home country, because of this very novel. On a Wednesday in September was voted Best Gay Fiction of the Year in 1998. Now, one of Germany’s best-selling Gay novels, is finally available in English.


SeptemberA moving tale of guilt, redemption and the survival of love.

When Edvard hands his lover a ring to seal their friendship, he triggers an emotional avalanche: Bernhard is overwhelmed with images from the past: Nazi Germany, a blond soldier, and trails of blood in the snow. While seeking answers to these haunting images, Bernhard crosses paths with many strangers: his close-lipped father, stewardess Kim, grand seignior Raimondo, gigolo Fred, and his own strong-willed mother Lydia. The ring connects the lives of these strangers, and what seems contradictory finally comes together at the end.


Published: 29th January 2013

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