One week left to apply!

24th October 2021, 1:35 pm


For people who are interested in applying to the Tom of Finland Foundation Artist-in-Residence program, there is only one week left to submit your application.

By taking part in this program artists get a chance to not only engage in the physical archives at the House but also in the living archives given breath by staff and visitors. Help write a chapter of Queer history and take part in the adventure of exploring this space and what it means.

To become a part of TOM House, apply for the program now.



Less than one month left to apply for the Artist-in-Residence program

Next year Tom of Finland Foundation is ready to open our Artist-in-Residence program #TOMair once again to the public. Through this program we are able to give artists a chance to spend time delving into our archives in order to learn about the history of Queer erotic art. If you are interested in taking part… View Article

Published: 24th October 2021

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