Remembering Christine Kessler

29th June 2014, 7:18 pm

Photo by Stuart Sandford, 2014


Photo by Stuart Sandford, 2014


Photo by Stuart Sandford, 2014


Artwork by Christine Kessler. Photo at TOM House by Stuart Sandford, 2014

THE FETISH BALL Tom of Finland Foundation hosted seven fetish photographers June 2002 with an exhibition of their works for one night only. Dave Naz, Christine Kessler, Gary & Pierre Silva, Steven Diet Goedde, Ben Hoffman, Miguel Angel Reyes, and Reno Larson were each provided with a room dedicated to exhibiting their works, plus several common rooms for group exhibitions.  The affair was attended by several hundred fetish enthusiasts who were given an opportunity to experience the works of the guest artists, and to view the Foundation’s permanent collection of over 150 works on exhibit. – DISPATCH, Fall 2002

Photo by JayPG

Photo by JayPG, 2002

Christine not only took thousands and thousands of photographs as her art, she also took hundreds and hundreds of photographs of other artists’ work, documenting ToFF’s permanent collection. 

Family and friends came to TOM House, where Christine once lived, on 29th June to commemorate her life, she passed away 29th May 2014. She is missed a million times over.


Published: 29th June 2014

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