“Sex on the Train” brought to life

18th April 2021, 2:35 pm


From the archives, we have a special treat: a 1990 video of actor and model Peter Morrison (aka Joe Falco) taking some solo time at TOM House with a copy of Kake Vol. 16 Sex on the Train.

This video features Peter in all his Daddy glory, as well as images from the Kake series. Tom began drawing the preparatory sketches for this series in 1974, one of which is at David Kordansky Gallery.



Disseminating fantasies in the fullest possible capacity

Tom made many of the works featured in TOM OF FINLAND Pen and Ink 1965 – 1989 with pen, ink, and marker for the purpose of reproduction in publications. The printed medium provided a space for Tom to produce and disseminate his fantasies in the fullest possible capacity. An important precursor for many later underground LGBTQ… View Article

Published: 18th April 2021

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