25th May 2015, 1:21 pm

TOM OF FINLAND is regarded as one of the 20th century’s most influential artists. By using masculine archetypes from straight homophobic culture – sturdy bikers, hoodlums, lumberjacks, cops, cowboys, and sailors – and skillfully recasting them as enthusiasts of gay sex, he helped emancipate gay culture. His impact on gay pop culture and fashion is undeniable and the growing appreciation for him in recent years has been visualized in a number of ways – from a historic release of Tom of Finland stamps, to the first major exhibition devoted to TOM’s work at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles last year. This year, the Artists Space in New York will mount the largest exhibition of his work in the US, while in 2016, a biopic on the artist will hit international silver screens.


And now, TOM’s iconic visual language has been fused with Rufskin’s sexy, masculine, futuristic and well crafted menswear in a collection that features Rufskin’s signature ultra-sexual aesthetic together with designs inspired by the work of legendary artist.

Head designer Hubert Pouches wanted to pay homage to the groundbreaking artist while simultaneously introducing him to a new generation of devotees.

What better location to capture the brawny exclusive athletic apparel collection, than the hallowed grounds of the Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles – the em-body-ment of the dynamic collaboration?

The collection is available at Rufskin.com. in Rufskin’s San Diego, New York, Miami and Amsterdam stores, and through select partners.


Published: 25th May 2015

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