“The AllTogether Clubhouse” Daily Programming

19th June 2023, 12:14 pm


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21st June – Wednesday

  • 6:30p – Opening Reception with DJ sets curated by Gush

  • 7:30p – Story Time: Linda Simpson | Moderated by Richard Villani | Q&A after drag extravaganza slideshow

  • 7:30p – Performances by Gio Black Peter and guests

  • 8:15p – Story Time: Amanda Lepore | Her personal recollections from NYC nightlife 

22nd June – Thursday

  • Noon – 3:00p Exhibition open

  • Noon – Screening “In Loving Brotherhood” by Adam Baran with presentation on gay motorcycle clubs

  • 1:30p – Conversation: Jonathan Weinberg, Drew Zeiba, Stanley Stellar on NYC cruising  | Moderated by Eric Schwartau with Q&A

  • 10:00 After-Party

23rd June – Friday

  • Noon – 10:00p Exhibition open

  • 2:00p – Screening: Close by Lukas Dhent (1h 45m) | Winner at Cannes

  • 4:00p – Conversation: NY Queer Nightlife – Moderated by Sienna Fekete. With Gage Spex, Neon Christina, Lydo and Madison Moore

  • 5:30p – Conversation: Queer Art Today – Moderated by Ryan McNamara. With Nicole Eisenman, Nash Glynn, Stewart Uoo and David Velasco

  • 7:00p – Screenings: Recent Commissions from the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art | Discussion and Q&A to follow with museum representatives and filmmakers

24th June – Saturday

  • Noon – 9:00p Exhibition open

  • 12:30p – TOM House Afternoon: Conversation and Drawing Session with Miguel Angel Reyes

  • 1:00p – TOM House Afternoon: Basil Twist’s Puppet Show

  • 2:00p – TOM House Afternoon: Durk Dehner interviews Slava Mogutin

  • 3:00p – TOM House Afternoon: The Art of Collecting | Hosted by Durk Dehner with guests

  • 3:00p – TOM House Afternoon: Basil Twist’s Puppet Show

  • 4:00p – TOM House Afternoon: Sal Salandra | Demonstration by the artist and a presentation of his new book. Co-hosted by Richard Villani

  • 4:00p – TOM House Afternoon: Straight to Hell | Talk with Billy Miller about the infamous publication with a screening of  the short “Trade Center” about cruising

  • 5:00p – TOM House Afternoon: Rinaldo Hopf’s Panel Discussion with Stonewall veterans

  • 5:00p – TOM House Afternoon: Basil Twist’s Puppet Show

  • 5:00p – Conversation: New York’s Queer Life | Durk Dehner introduces

  • 6:30p – DJ set by Kim Anh

25th June – Sunday

  • Noon – 8:00p Exhibition open

  • 5:30p – Drawing Class with Drake Carr and Pvssyheave


“The AllTogether Clubhouse”

21st Jun 2023 – 25th Jun 2023 @ All Day – MAP Wednesday, 21st June, 6:30 – 9:30p Thursday, 22nd June, Noon – 3:00p Friday, 23rd June, Noon – 10:00p Saturday, 24th June, Noon – 9:00p Sunday, 25th June, Noon – 8:00p   OPENING RSVP   A homecoming show celebrating the history of queer culture in New York, from nightlife and the erotic arts to uncompromising […]

Published: 19th June 2023


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