Tom is in Slovenia; new article in GEJM Magazine

9th October 2020, 5:45 pm

GEJM magazine recently published an article capturing historical details of the life of Tom. This article brings Tom’s background to new audiences abroad in his centennial year. The piece was published in Slovenian. See translated excerpts below:

The image of Tom’s man in leather manifested as a style of dress, behavior and for some it represented a lifestyle. He influenced many famous names, such as Freddie Mercury and Village People, as well as fashion stylists, who began to use uniforms and leather elements in their creations. Asked if he was embarrassed, given that most of his work depicts sex between two men, he proudly replied that he puts a tremendous amount of effort into portraying men in his work who are proud of it – that they are men who have sex with men and enjoy it immensely.

Tom was a true master of pencil drawing, whose work sexually liberated people and even changed their lives. In this context, few artists have achieved more. Tom’s works are part of the permanent exhibition of the New York Museum of Modern Art. It has been gaining in mainstream popularity over the last decade, and Finland has also become extremely proud of its artist. In 2014, they issued three official Tom of Finland postage stamps, which became the best-selling stamps in the history of Finland.

Find your copy here.

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Published: 9th October 2020

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