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2nd May 2020, 3:18 pm


Dear artists, as you know, this year on the 8th of May, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the father of modern gay drawing, Tom of Finland. I would like to invite all the artists who love his work to participate in a challenge. The deal is to create an illustration in your own STYLE as a gift for Tom especially for this occasion and post it on the 8th of May with #TOMs100 @anachorete_boi


Tom of Finland’s work speaks to me as an alternative, impossible reality of pure hedonism, a fantasy/ escape valve from the reality of ‘straight’ society and its horrors and repressions. I have always found Tom’s exquisite technique allied to the extreme homoeroticism of his imagery very inspiring in my work… both from a technical point of view and an aesthetic one. I see him as a new ‘Old Master’ @mark_wardel


Tom of Finland would have turned 100 years old on May 8 if he was still alive. To commemorate this, I’ve done this image based on one of his: A cover of Kake. I discovered the work of Tom when I was in art school and it influenced me so much that I’ve always wanted to sculpt one of his drawings.@albron111


A tribute to the great gay artist Tom of Finland. I did not want to be left behind for the centenary of his birth! @cesarolandox


New artworks honoring Tom of Finland’s 100th birthday. Tom’s work inspired me to continue doing figurative work that represent queer bodies. His work is a constant reminder to be uncompromising in my artistic vision, no matter how expressive, honest, or controversial it might be — my social media account have been flagged or deleted because of it. @ruben__esparza


I visited Finland and was very surprised, in a good way, to see a lot of Tom of Finland’s art books available to all in public museums and book stores. It was not hidden in some “adult” category, and this was really cool to see. So it time to create images in tribute to Tom. And after some weeks of hard work this is how it came out. I hope you will enjoy it too. @davidcorsaire


My lil tribute to Tom of Finland… in Coronavirus days. @avresdesign


On 8th May we encourage all to make something beautiful and share it…

Tom of Finland Centennial 1920–2020

  Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen 8th May 1920, and died 7th November 1991) has long been recognized as one of the 20th century’s great visual innovators. As he confronted the stigmas and stereotypes that long burdened homosexual desire, his depictions of empowered gay men fully enjoying their sexuality proved liberating on social and… View Article


Published: 2nd May 2020


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