World of TOM behind the scenes of the 2014 Art & Culture Festival

27th November 2020, 4:46 pm

As we continue to build the virtual space for the 25th Annual Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival, we are reminiscing on times spent in person with you all. This weekend, those who visit the World of TOM Patreon universe can enjoy nearly 50 select images and a behind the scenes video of the 2014 event at TOM House. 

This year’s Festival will be hosted on a bespoke website, starting the second weekend of December: 11-13th December 2020. One of the key public events the Foundation does each year, this year is also the 36th anniversary of Tom of Finland Foundation. 

Coming together as a community is vital for us: To express, to share, and to experience art. A mixture of public events as well as exclusive experiences for members, attendees will be able to connect with erotic artists, see performances, watch video installations, engage with panel discussions and buy erotic artworks.   


Plugged In at the World of TOM: Behind the Scenes at the ToF Art & Culture Festival 

As the Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF) continues celebrating Tom’s Centennial #TOMs100 by bringing the protection, preservation and promotion of art online for folks around the world to enjoy, ToFF is proud to be hosting its 25th Art & Culture Festival: Plugged In.  The Festival will be held online during the second weekend of December, … View Article

Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival: Plugged In

11th Dec 2020 – 3rd Jan 2021 @ All Day – EXTENDED till the beginning of January 2021 NOTE this is LA time (PST) Tom of Finland Foundation is proud to announce its 25th Art and Culture Festival: Plugged In. The festival will be held online during the second weekend of December. “It’s so important to continue the Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival – even […]

Published: 27th November 2020

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