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1st September 2020, 1:00 pm

We are so excited to be opening the gates of TOM House—now available on Patreon. You can sign up for The WORLD of TOM Patreon page and gain access to behind the scenes footage of Tom of Finland Foundation, never seen before documents, ephemera and much more.

Tom of Finland and his partner Durk Dehner established the nonprofit Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF) in 1984. By this time, Tom had established worldwide recognition as the master of homoerotic art. Originally, the Foundation was intended to preserve his vast catalog of work. The scope has since widened to offer a safe haven for all erotic art in response to rampant discrimination against art that portrayed sexual behavior or generated a sexual response. ToFF continues in its efforts of educating the public as to the cultural merits of erotic art and in promoting healthier, more tolerant attitudes about sexuality. TOM House archives are now some of the largest erotic archives in the world, second only to the Vatican!

During these trying times, it’s been essential to us to bring TOM House, our archives, and TOM’s artists / collaborators online for the world to see. Unable to receive visitors or host artists in residence, ToFF remains fully committed to protecting, preserving and promoting erotic art. Art still plays a vital role in the massive change we face today and ToFF will continue to find ways for it to be viewed and appreciated, free from judgment. Joining as a Patreon member at any level not only helps us continue our work, but also gives you an exclusive peek into the World of TOM.

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Published: 1st September 2020


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