12” of Sin – Las Vegas – through 02/26

10th February 2012, 2:07 pm

It’s Not The Size, It’s What You Do With It…”

ALLAN TEGER, "Mountain Climbers"

2012 BEST OF SHOW winner


Edmond Bouciaous
Erik Christiansen
Ankha Desh
Larry Domsky/KD Matheson
Kai Eckhardt
Nicola Fillipo
Susanne Forestieri
Natasha Gornik
Doug Johns
Sharon Leong
Teresa Maharaj
Daniel Martinez
Mark Mellon
Gary Mitchell
Daniel Olek
Debi Oulu
JP Rakehorn
Patricia Pastore
Bradley C. Rader
JK Russ
H. Samarel
Scott Sandoval
Tiffany Selig

Featuring 25 of the most sophisticated, intelligent, and clever erotic artworks from around the world,
Sin City Gallery presents original artworks that are– at most 12 Inches in a given direction–
a design competition limit, compressing exhibition boundaries while expanding artistic challenge.


The Juried exhibition will run through February 26, 2012.

Sin City Gallery
Las Vegas


Published: 10th February 2012

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