Tom of Finland – A New Anthology

9th February 2012, 3:18 pm

Tom of Finland – Life and Work of a Gay Hero

The list of artists who had major influence on the Gay movement is rather short,
since the movement itself is just a few decades old.
But without a doubt Tom of Finland has to be included,
the man whose amazing drawings tell us everything about love,
lust and life of those hunks who have a good heart and live a simple life.

Tom of Finland – Life and Work of a Gay Hero
 is a detailed anthology

which is dedicated to his body of work
from its early beginnings to the last years.

 With many drawings, a lot of photos and an extensive biography
it gives you a portrait of this unique artist,
which is as many-sided and life-embracing as the artist himself.

Bruno Gmünder Verlag


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Published: 9th February 2012

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