Are you ready for the 27th edition of the Tom of Finland Festival?

6th October 2022, 2:41 pm


Felipe Chavez


Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF), as we are used to, continues to bring you juicy news like the ones we are going to tell you about today. If you are in cities like Los Angeles or London, or you are planning to go there in the next few days, this may interest you, as the 27th Tom of Finland Art and Culture Festival will be held next weekend 8th – 9th October. Take note of the schedule and we’ll keep telling you about it: it will be open on Saturday 8th October from noon to 7p and on Sunday 9th October from 11a to 7p.

Now that you know pretty much the most important things, it’s also worth mentioning that this will be the first edition of the Festival to be held simultaneously in two locations. You read that right, unbelievable but true. Do you know how many hours of work that is? If organizing one festival is already crazy, imagine two.








Tom of Finland Art & Culture Fair 2022

Tom of Finland Foundation presents the 27th Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival Tom Unites 8th & 9th October 2022 LOS ANGELES: Second Home Hollywood, 1370 North Saint Andrews Place, Los Angeles, California 90028 Limited paid parking is available on site. Due to limited spaces, rideshare services and public transportation is highly recommended. Second… View Article

Published: 6th October 2022

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