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15th February 2023, 1:56 pm


TOM House


TOM House, located at 1421 Laveta Terrace in Echo Park, has been home to Tom of Finland Foundation since its inception in 1984. But did you also know TOM House was the American residence and studio of Tom of Finland? Designated a Historic-Cultural Monument by the City of Los Angeles, TOM House showcases myriad works by Tom of Finland and other artists in the Foundation’s vast permanent collection. 

With the easing of many COVID-19 restrictions, TOM House is once again accepting reservations for tours. We regularly offer TOM House tours on Thursdays and Saturdays beginning at 2p (please allow 1.5-2 hours) for up to 6 people. Your reservation can be made by navigating to the page below. Note that each visitor requires a reservation. Each month’s TOM House tours are added to our event schedule by the 15th of the month prior. Please call TOM House with any questions or for any special accommodations: +1 213 250 1685.



    VISIT THE LOCATION Tour TOM House Tom of Finland’s home in LA is recognized not only for its historic architecture but as a cultural resource of the City of Los Angeles. Tom of Finland House (TOM House) is significant for its association with Tom, the historic personage who lived here during the last… View Article

Published: 15th February 2023

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