Celebrate Tom of Finland Day | 8th May 2019 | EVERYWHERE

15th April 2019, 2:18 pm

Bar. Beach. Bowling Alley. Back Alley. BBQ. Bedroom.


Wherever you are. Raise your glasses.
Celebrate Tom of Finland’s (Touko Laaksonen’s) Birthday.
Throw a happening. Hang out with friends. Gather together. Hook up.

Take in an art show.

Make something special.

His birth date is fast approaching, and as it is with every year, we invite all of you to share in making something special take place. Celebrate the message within his art that “Gay is good”, and our inalienable right to be and to love freely, is endorsed by Mother Nature herself.

Plan a dinner, a toast at your neighborhood bar, hopefully even a cake! All around the world parties are taking place. Remember a few years back when his Finnish postage stamp got pre-orders from 158 countries? Think global. – Durk Dehner

Create your own event on Facebook and post the event or announcement on the
Tom of Finland Day 2019 Page
(Also link to the ToF FB event from your event)

  Add photos. Add stories. Show your pride.
Take the party ’round the globe.



Published: 15th April 2019


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