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23rd December 2021, 7:13 pm

Tom of Finland Foundation gives our thanks to
Berlin Leder und Fetisch and Tyrone Rontganger
for the donations we received from this event.

Tyrone Rontganger


Here Matthew Long plays Finlandia by J. Sibelius at Classic Meets Fetish in Berlin on 9th September 2021.
It was last on the evening’s program in celebration of 101 years of Tom of Finland.

Classic Meets Fetish 2021

9th Sep 2021 @ All Day – Due to the current pandemic restrictions, only a limited number of guests will be allowed to attend the concert. So that as many people as possible can enjoy our event, we offer you the option of two events on the same day. If you cannot get tickets for your desired date, please get tickets for the alternative […]

Published: 23rd December 2021

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