Easy rider

14th September 2022, 4:15 pm


Durk Dehner never shifts gears. Biker style is just part of his DNA.


Writer: Merle Ginsberg, Photographer: Irvin Rivera, Photo Director: Richard Villani

Durk Dehner has been president of  Tom of Finland Foundation, headquartered in Echo Park, for almost 40 years—ever since he met and interacted with Finnish artist Tom of Finland. Tom was drawing biker dudes even before he saw the iconic 1953 movie The Wild One. But “once he saw Brando in black leather, he stopped drawing brown leather and only drew black,” Dehner says. “He drew that motorcycle cap in black leather—and that became biker style.” Art and style are as much a part of Dehner’s job as they are his look. This year, the Foundation collaborated with clothing designers Jonathan Anderson and Glenn Martens, who, he says, “both remind me how much fashion is art.” Before Dehner met Tom, he had already developed an affinity for motorcycle guys. “I bought my first gear in New York, and I’ve been wearing it most of the time ever since,” he says. “Black leather has always been intrinsic to my self-representation. I wear it all year. It’s my second skin.”






Published: 14th September 2022

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