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11th July 2009, 1:08 pm



Allot has been said regarding the passing of social & pop icons, and how their deaths will affect the world.
I would like to now focus on our community, and comment on someone who touched my life and a smaller group of people by his recent passing.


 was a Los Angeles artist who created images through photography.
 His subject of choice-  Latino & Native American young men.
Ed was a very private person; in fact this is the first time his real name is being associated with his art. 

Ed used the alias of E.M.A. (Ed Mc Andrews)  as his title and stamp for all his photography.


Ed lived a very quiet life as an appraiser for LA County, residing for many years on Fountain Ave in West Hollywood. This small apartment was also his photo studio. He had recently moved to Atwater. 

As his long time hobby, Ed created amazingly erotic images that were sexy, lust-filled, classic and ironic all at once.


Ed’s images were very humorous- perhaps tongue-in-cheek, or just naive,(one never knew with Ed) they conveyed a traditional erotically playful innocents like his predecessors,

Bob Mizer @AMG, Bruce of LA, Mel Roberts & David Hurles @ Old Reliable.

Although Ed’s photos were contemporary, his usage of lighting and sepia toning created the aura of another era. 

Ed was also an avid collector and seller of Antique Native American photography, and was perhaps one of the most knowledgeable persons in this genre.

Antebellum gallery would like to invite all to attend a

 Memorial In Honor Of

 Ed McAndrews aka E.M.A

July 11th, 2009



1643 N. Las Palmas Ave

Hollywood, CA 90028


323 856-0667

[email protected]


(validated parking @ classic parking, directly across from antebellum)

Published: 11th July 2009

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