Erotic arts, nightlife and activism unite in Tom of Finland Foundation’s celebration of New York queer culture

22nd June 2023, 12:00 pm



The AllTogether Clubhouse festival and exhibition takes place in New York this week


Tom of Finland Foundation is marking Pride Month 2023 with a celebration of Queer culture in New York. The AllTogether Clubhouse festival and exhibition encompasses an eclectic mix of erotic arts, nightlife and activism.

An emphasis on Tom of Finland Foundation’s archive defines the exhibition space, which unites established and emerging artists in a shared consideration of New York Queer histories, with New York artists here working together with Tom of Finland Foundation for the first time.


The AllTogether Clubhouse: erotic art meets activism


A packed schedule comprises a series of performances, concerts, talks and screenings, with local figures from LGBTQIA+ organisations and associations. Events, running from 21st-25th June, include performances from The Dauphine, Gio Black Peter, Tyler Ashley and Journey Streams, talks from Amanda Lepore and Linda Simpson, and a Sunday Bike Run with the Empire Motorcycle Club.









“The AllTogether Clubhouse”

21st Jun 2023 – 25th Jun 2023 @ All Day – MAP Wednesday, 21st June, 6:30 – 9:30p Thursday, 22nd June, Noon – 3:00p Friday, 23rd June, Noon – 10:00p Saturday, 24th June, Noon – 9:00p Sunday, 25th June, Noon – 8:00p   OPENING RSVP   A homecoming show celebrating the history of queer culture in New York, from nightlife and the erotic arts to uncompromising […]

Published: 22nd June 2023

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