Exhibition in Japan of the works of the iconic Finnish artist Tom of Finland travels to Osaka

15th October 2020, 8:16 pm


The exhibition, at Shinsaibashi PARCO, is the fruits of a collaboration between the Finnish Institute Japan, the Embassy of Finland in Japan, Tom of Finland Foundation, The Container gallery, and PARCO. The exhibition is curated by the Tokyo-based curator and director of The Container, Mr. Shai Ohayon. The exhibition was designed to coincide with Tom’s 100th birthday anniversary – #TOMs100.

The exhibition puts emphasis on Tom of Finland’s role in promoting sensual and erotic depictions of the male body as a catalyst for social change and the acceptance of gay people, while facing a legal and social reality they were fighting to change. Delving into a world of fantasy, with sexual freedom, Tom depicted a new “gay masculinity”, adding to the vocabulary of what gay men were allowed to be by society.


“Reality & Fantasy: The World of Tom of Finland”

20th Nov 2020 – 7th Dec 2020 @ All Day –         Presented by Finnish Institute Japan, Embassy of Finland in Japan, Tom of Finland Foundation, The Container, and Parco   Curated by Shai Ohayon The exhibition features a selection of 30 historical works, ranging from 1946 to 1989, covering the artist’s entire professional career, and highlighting both his artistic versatility and presenting […]

“Tom of Finland” – a film about love and glory screens in Osaka and Kobe Japan

Honored Officer Touko Laaksonen returns from World War II and very quickly discovers that life in a time of peace in Finland is disturbing him. Helsinki is imbued with homophobia and all men are forced to marry and have children. Touko finds refuge in his own artwork, which begins to specialize in stylized homoerotic drawings… View Article

Celebrating Tom of Finland and his 100th birth year with an exhibition and party in Japan

  Many, many thanks to SivanS and their amazing staff for the video and live streaming, ComMunE bar for hosting, Tom of Finland Organic Vodka for the delicious drinks, the boys from FancyHim for the awesome music, Parco, The Container, Finnish Institute Japan and Finnish Embassy Tokyo for making it all happen.

Tom of Finland invented gay imagery

Sailors, lumberjacks, policemen, cowboys, motorcyclists. 100 years after his birth, the artist who most influenced gay culture in the twentieth century. In 1976 the unlikely happened: two fans, owners of a pornographic shop in Hamburg – the Revolt Press Bookstore – organize Tom’s first show. It is not pornography, now it is art. An exhibition… View Article

Published: 15th October 2020

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