Hey Tom! An Homage to Tom of Finland

5th August 2020, 7:14 pm

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial taken from our #Pride Issue. Photography Pablo Solano. Models are Damian Garcia, Pablo Solano and Letal. Harness by Uriel Urban.

As Tom of Finland himself has once noted, during his whole life, he did nothing but interpret his dreams of ultimate masculinity, and draw them. Combining his love of machismo with his natural artistic talent, he created a groundbreaking body of work that celebrates the idealized male form.

A grandmaster of homoerotic art of the twentieth century and beyond whose images of masculine gay men helped smash stereotypes and produce new diversity, not only did Tom of Finland create new role models for gay men, but he also had an impact on global culture, style and attitude towards liberated sexual expression.

Exploring and dismantling the representations of maleness and gender-assigned attributes in mainstream media, he turned these reference pages towards the exact opposite of their origin. Depicting oversized phalluses and muscles, his drawings challenged the existing symbolic order of heterosexuality, at the same time creating a fearless portrait of homosexual desires.


Photography Pablo Solano @pablosolanophoto
Models are Damian Garcia @damiigarcia
Pablo Solano @pablosolanno
Letal @soyletal
Make-Up Letal @soyletal
Harness by Uriel Urban @urielurban



Published: 5th August 2020

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