In 2023, “All roads lead to TOM”

31st January 2023, 3:16 pm



For 2023, Tom of Finland Foundation has established the theme “All roads lead to TOM” for our programming and events. The idea that Tom of Finland is at the nexus of so many different temporalities and communities runs through everything that we do this year.

“Our cofounder, the artist Tom of Finland, dedicated his life to elevating the self-esteem of Gays within their community and beyond to the wider popular culture at large. I have dedicated mine to his legacy.” – Durk Dehner, Cofounder

“For so many people, visiting TOM House is less a trip to a museum and more of a pilgrimage to a sacred space.” – S.R. Sharp, CXO

“The name and work of Tom of Finland are known to Gay men everywhere. Looking forward, it is our hope to make his name synonymous with erotic art more broadly around the world.” – Richard Villani, Creative Director

Save the dates for all of these great events this year:

  • Art & Culture Festival Berlin: 12th-14th May
  • TOM’s Bar: 18th June
  • Art & Culture Festival London: 21st-23rd July
  • Art & Culture Festival Los Angeles: 6th-8th October


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Published: 31st January 2023

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