Instigator, a Magazine Extraordinaire!

12th January 2009, 11:12 am

I want to greet all of you who are coming to the blog and reading this. If you go to The World of Tom , and go and explore the abundance of information and articles that are enclosed within that section of our website you can see who Toms influence continues to do its magic there. I want to direct you to the most recent addition to it and under Tom in print you will see a listing titled TOM IN PRINT… within it is a link INSTIGATOR..  this article on Tom is in the most current issue of instigator magazine. I want to tell you to go to their website and find out where you can purchase copies of this magazine for it is very much  a treasure to the homo erotic art world . Within that one issue you can see the works of Tom of Finland, Greasetank, Ulf, a very cool article on the present Mr. IML Gary Iriza. This magazine is a rare find . It is created by Michael Thorn and deserves to survive and grow in this time when so many publications are falling away because of the internet. This magazine speaks to our current young populations sensibility and is a visual pleasure to scan through and has articles with meat in them that speak to everything from politics , health issues and of course culture in the form of erotic art. It is becoming more and more difficult for such offerings to make their way in our community as they lose support or can seem to grow sufficiently to prosper in these times.. I want to tell you all , this one is worth it and deserves our attention and support. So tell your friends, go buy them a copy , buy one yourself , do what ever you can, and explore the world of INSTIGATOR , for sources such as these are not going to be found in corporate magazine formats. The website is and I encourage any who do purchase it to speak about it here. cause its tough to keep publications running in this time in our transitions into mainstream culture…. which I will address in my next blog…. Durk.

Published: 12th January 2009

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