LA PRIDE 2011 – ToFF Gives Thanks for a Jubliant Celebration

13th June 2011, 11:01 pm

A very special thanks to Miguel Reyes and all the ToFF Volunteers who made LA PRIDE 2011 so jubilant!

It was s-t-e-a-m-y in the Erotic City tent and h-o-t out on the streets for the Parade.

When Christopher Street West launched its Erotic City in 2002 – the goal was to be more inclusive by bringing more of the alternative community to the Festival. Tom of Finland Foundation was invited to be the centerpiece and has been proud to participate since. Thank you to artists Dear Angel, Baphomet, Hector Silva, Karoy and Mark H. Flanders for sharing their beautiful work with all the eager celebrants.

The Foundation wishes to thank Jacob Prieto, his dad Arnold and the wonderful folks at Green Float Company of Fullerton, CA for helping to fufill our mission.

Everyone at CSW – Rodney Scott, Louie Pacheco Saenz, Steve Ganzell and Karina Samala – has the true knack for making everyone around them happy.

Congratulations to Mr. CSW Leather 2012, Neal Kenji Christensen. ToFF acknowledges that each and every contestant adds his own luster to the Leather Community and with them they carry the Spirit of TOM.

Mr. CSW Leather 2012, Neal Kenji Christensen and Steve Ganzell.

As the Foundation has been Protecting, Preserving and Promoting erotic art they have been passing on the Power of Tom’s work, the Passion he has instilled in the artists who stand on his shoulders and reminding of the Purpose of the Artist as storyteller of his Tribe.


Video by Roberto5247
Leather at 5:00 min
ToFF at 6:36

Published: 13th June 2011

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