“Matt” – Gay short film online release and launch party | 5th-6th November | LA

30th October 2019, 4:06 pm

Starring actors Patrick Wallace (left) and Colby Jansen (right). Written and directed by Ori Ravid.

World-renowned adult entertainer Colby Jansen stars in his first dramatic non-pornographic role in Matt. Ori Ravid shares his inspiration for the short below:

How does one become a “daddy”? This is a question that kept me up at night, one that I pondered over my morning coffee. Sometimes even my afternoon coffee. Who is this person? Does this person know who he is? Am I just going to wake up one day when I’m 55 with rock-hard abs, a fake tan, and a twink by my side with no memory of how I got there? Or will it have been an empowering journey?

“Matt” is a coming of age story about a young man’s potential path to daddyhood. It is about how we go about finding ourselves after we first come out with no road map or real sense of direction. And it is about how hookups can help inform our sense of self, how they can help steer us where we’re supposed to go.

When gay characters are depicted on screen, they are usually happy-go-lucky and asexual, or deeply troubled but have incredibly hot, beautiful sex. With “Matt,” I simply aimed to depict a realistic hookup between two gay characters who happen to be in very different places in life. Whether you’re gay or straight or bi or something else, we all go through messy experiences that help shape who we are. It’s time to celebrate that.

Hope you enjoy.

A “young man’s path to daddyhood” and how every experience,
no matter how short, can shape you into the person you are.


There will be a launch party for the film on Tuesday 5th November, 7-9p, at A Love Bizzare, a queer art gallery in Atwater Village. During the event there will be a Q&A with Patrick Wallace and Colby Jansen.

The film will be available to view online on Wednesday 6th November.

Ori Ravid is from Agoura Hills, just northwest of Los Angeles. After graduating from NYU’s Tisch with a degree in Film and Television Production, he moved back to L.A. and currently resides in Hollywood baby, yeah. His influences include Bowie, Kubrick, and chili, among others.

Published: 30th October 2019

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