Meet Jared Carlos Cabrera, artist-in-residence

12th January 2020, 5:25 pm

Hovvrad photographed by Marilyn Rondon

Jared Carlos Cabrera (America, 1997- ) goes by the artist name “Hovvrad” (pronounced how rad). He’s a 22 year-old, multi medium artist, working in cinematography, painting, and photography. Hovvrad grew up in Ontario, California as an IE gay cowboy. He created most of his work out of pure emotional pains or triumphs because a part of him has a lot to say about certain parts or experiences of life. He coined the name Hovvrad when he started making films around the age of 17, and the idea was purely a mix of wanting to standout on a list of directors as he navigated through his video career in the beginning which just ended up turning into what many people know him as today.

He began a creative career around the age of 18 when he would skip classes in college to go take photos of his friends or film his little journeys to LA, and beyond. It all started with a love for fashion, rap music, and the creativity of the street photographers at the time. He loved creating look book visuals, curating looks for photo shoots and styling. From the age of 18 he really took his creative career serious by dropping out of his 2nd semester in college and leaving home to have the freedom of being able to be a creative without worrying about what his parents thought, which was a very hard lesson.

Hovvrad’s fun, childlike nature of creating work, slowly developed into an emotional, manic depressive way of creating voicing his opinions on topics and events in his life. He started to suffer from depression and anxiety to the point where all the fun fashions films stopped, the photography got darker and a lot more centered around love, and emotional stories he was dealing with at the time. He caught my biggest break after he moved back home at the age of 21 grabbing jobs with his friends clothing line “Threaded in thought” where for the 1st time he worked with models, budgets, studios spaces, and the freedom to script something from start to finish on such a beautiful story behind it. As time progressed he was able to dive deeper into his creative passions of film making and photography, jumping on  more projects with Nike, Vapor Fashion, NBA, to name a few clothing brands and designers. Also at this time he was working a lot in the music arena of art, creating music videos, photo shoots and album art for many music artist.

Around April of 2019 he dove into painting and caught his first solo exhibition with the help of Rudy Garcia, and some close friends. From there he’s been able to meet so many more talented artist who have made names for themselves in their mediums and has gained a new perspective on what being a creative really is.  Since April he’s done a few more exhibits leaving him with a multi-medium series of works that have been able to tie all together from short films to paintings right back to photography.

As 2019 wraps up his prolific year with the opportunity of being an artist-in-residence at Tom of Finland Foundation. He believes he’s developed work from a space of innocence to something that speaks for his emotional journey called My life, being a little extra sad along the way, because remember Boy should cry.

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Winter 2019-2020 artist-in-resident, Jared Carlos Cabrera (Hovvrad), discusses his time at TOM House with Durk Dehner.

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Published: 12th January 2020

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