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3rd October 2022, 12:25 pm


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Foundation hosts erotic artists from around the world who live at TOM House for a three month period, providing them support and access to extensive source material for artistic inspiration, culminating is a public presentation.

“With my contempt for self-marketing, I refuse to work with plans, and my most often-used sentence in any conversation is ‘I don’t know.’ I don’t know, I’m a man of the unknown, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wish me good luck with that.” –Xiaobing Fan, 2022

“Outside of the extremely straightforward pornography I make for OnlyFans my work is heavily focused on telling authentic and uncensored stories about my sex life as a promiscuous and adventurous trans woman. Even when my work explicitly addresses trauma and sexual abuse, I’m still heavily in dialogue with classic gay porn comics and zines.” –Carta Monir, 2022

“Recently, I worked for Patpong Museum – one of the rare institutions to focus on Thailand’s sex industry and its history. They offered a collaboration with sex workers as models for my class. Beyond this full-circle moment linking my childhood to practice  it also inspired me to further explore explicit homoeroticism and queer anthropology within my drawings as well as my practice.” –Oat Montien, 2022    

Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival 2022 – Los Angeles

8th Oct 2022 – 9th Oct 2022 @ All Day – Festival hours: Saturday, 8th October: Noon – 7p Sunday, 9th October: 11a – 7p                                         Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF) is presenting the 27th Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival — Tom Unites. The Festival […]

Meet Xiaobing Fan, artist-in-residence

  “‘He’s trouble’, according to security at TOM’s Bar 2022 – and so many others. I come from a country that I personally don’t want to publicly talk about. I’m a Gay man in the closet to my original family, but currently I’m building my own family with two Hungarian boyfriends, a French lover, a… View Article
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Meet Carta Monir, artist-in-residence

  Carta Monir is an artist, porn performer, and micropress publisher living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “I’m a transsexual woman and pornographer and own and operate Diskette Press and its hardcore imprint Harder Disk, both of which are dedicated to publishing groundbreaking and challenging work from young trans artists. My work has won multiple awards… View Article
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Meet Oat Montien, artist-in-residence

    “I was born in Bangkok’s Donmaung area in 1989. Just like other near-airport suburbs it always has brothels to accommodate lonesome travellers. My mother happened to run one; a very successful venture with more than 50 sex workers at its peak. Every last Friday of the month we would host a themed party… View Article
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Published: 3rd October 2022

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