“PATRICK LEE: New Drawings” | 29th March | LA

28th March 2014, 1:31 pm

The third solo exhibition at Western Project by Los Angeles artist, Patrick Lee. For over ten years Lee has worked on his series Deadly Friends; an investigation into the lives of men on the streets of America. Looking to understand the subtle and often forceful appearances of men the artist has created a body of work this time inspired by the environs around LA City Jail and the nearby Union Station.



Observing an area of opposites, he writes:

gray concrete, drab, sulphurous tungsten….a weird zone of Bail Bond boutiques, buses, trains… wandering about amongst thousands of commuters…many without any idea where to go or how.. Union Station is a hub, a place to start over in a sense and an opportunity to escape the city, the past.


Published: 28th March 2014

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