Peeping Tom of Finland

4th December 2012, 3:07 pm

Artist Geoffrey Doig-Marx debuts his works of voyeuristic photography at Posh.

From Tom of Finland to Boys in Body Paint:

A selection from Geoffrey Doig-Marx’s exhibition at Posh, “Bound Voyeuristic Dreams”.

“I also like to play with stereotypes that I grew up with. When I first got to New York the look of Tom of Finland was what defined gay life. I love to re-visit those images and they have influenced my recent work. I am currently putting together two books of male photos, one of them looking at the darker side of life and one of painted bodies.”

“Bound Voyeuristic Dreams” Opening Reception at Posh, 405 W 51st St (@ Ninth Ave), Dec 5 at 8pm; free. Visit or for more info.


Published: 4th December 2012

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