Peter Karjalainen (Pete Finland) says, “The best honor of 2012”

29th December 2012, 10:52 pm

Pete Karjalainen, 2011

“I’ve been mentioned in a new Tom of Finland book, Tom of Finland – Life and Work of a Gay Hero. SO honored since his work means the WORLD to me. I LOVE MY ToFF FAMILY!!”


“Pete Finland”, from Tampere, is a genuine TOM’s Man. He is on ToFF’s Advisory Board, helps at events and does Finnish translation. He is our premier envoy. Pete has been a strong and uplifting part of the Foundation for many years.

Tom of Finland Foundation is membership-based, volunteer-driven and a passion for many.



It took the longest time for me to get used to that—that my ‘dirty drawings’ were loved, and by an awful lot of guys too, some of them not even born when Physique Pictorial published my first drawings. -Tom of Finland

















Published: 29th December 2012

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