Rob Halford was interviewed by “Helsingin Sanomat”, talks about Tom, his bio has come out in Finnish

29th October 2020, 3:30 pm


THE OFFICIAL GAY OF HEAVY METAL One of the influencers of the heavy metal style was Tom of Finland.

Rob Halford no longer has anything to hide, and that encouraged him to do a new biography.

Rob Halford and Ian Gittins: Tunnustan (“Confess – The Autobiography”)

“I personally saw immediately how similar my style and Tom’s drawings were. What was funny was that I openly Tom of Finland T-shirt when still firmly closeted. Nobody came to say you’re wearing a Tom of Finland shirt – are you perhaps gay? No one! Everybody just said what a cool shirt, which it really was. Tom of Finland was an icon and a pioneer. I’m so happy that someone happened to take those famous photos in which I, in a Tom of Finland T-shirt, handcuff Andy Warhol!” -Rob Halford




Published: 29th October 2020

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