Shane and Joe visit TOM House

22nd February 2012, 7:46 pm



My partner and I met you while we were on a tour of the TOM House. First of all, we wanted to take time out and thank you for giving us a little more insight on Tom. Thank you, too, for giving us a book and signing it for us with one of Tom’s pencils. The words you wrote in it put big smiles on our faces.


My partner and I, being a little younger, have been involved in the Leather/BDSM community in San Francisco. Our move to Sacramento has been rough on us in many different aspects – there is barely a Leather community there. Very seldom do the older members of the Leather community or life players pay attention to the younger generation in the community. We appreciate that you pulled us back into Tom’s room to share more insight on him as a person and his work. Tom seemed to be not only a wonderful man but he also could see the future of the Leather community through his work.


Joe and I both remember the feelings we got when we first saw Tom’s work as young Gay men and, to this day, we still think his art speaks to us on many different levels both as fantasy and what we think is sexy. We can’t stop thinking about some of the things that you shared with us and showed us and we really appreciated it and want to learn more.


We are planning to come back to LA for my Bday this time and were wondering if you would be interested in us taking you to dinner while we are there. We know you are very busy with the Foundation but it’s something, that if you’re interested in, we would love to do for you.


Take care,

Shane and Joe

Published: 22nd February 2012


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